Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cage Veils

Seen on vintage-inspired and modern Love Couture brides alike, our current obsession with cage veils is actually nothing new. Made popular in the 1940s by starlets and fashionable ladies, these dramatic, dainty pieces have been spotted over the years on runways and in the glossy pages of couture fashion magazines.

french net veil, cage veil, history of the cage veil, how to wear a cage veil

glam french net cage veil

Happily, couples planning their weddings today are all about personality, using what moves them as a muse. So, ladies have been taking their cues from fashion, both old and new…which brought back the divinely chic cage veil!

Depending on the accessories, bridal gown and styling it’s paired with, a cage veil can add an air of mystique and a dash of Hollywood glam to almost any wedding day look.

Haute Bride, cage veil, french net veil, fascinator, Love Couture Bridal, Washington DC bridal accessories

cage veil and flower bridal fascinator by Haute Bride

Most commonly, the cage veil is worn (somewhat saucily) off to the left side of the crown of the head. Depending on its length, the net can then sweep over both eyes, cover one, or simply skim the eyebrows. However, ladies who want things a bit more classic often pin it at the back of the head right above their updo.

cage veil, Malis Henderson, french net veils, Love Couture Bridal, Maryland bridal accessories

french net veil and feather bridal fascinator by Malis Henderson

To see our collection of fabulous Haute Bride and Malis Henderson cage veils, call 301-610-5683.

Love, Sandy

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bridal Gown Necklines - Part II

To help Love Couture brides choose the neckline that suits them best, we've created Bridal Gown Neckline CliffsNotes. In Part I, we shed some light on sweetheart, portrait, off the shoulder, bateau/sabrina, and halter necklines.

Below we're profiling a few more popular styles, but keep in mind, any given gown can have more than one neckline. Some are strapless and sweetheart, others portrait and scoop. Similar to a hot fudge sundae, certain flavors are decadent together! Just make sure the separate ingredients are palatable to what's best for you.


Just as the name implies, this ever popular style is sans straps. Fantastic on a diverse assortment of body types, it’s at its most fetching when paired with a sweetheart or gentle scoop.

Lusan Mandongus - Strapless, washington dc, bridal gowns,love couture bridal
strapless neckline, Lusan Mandongus


Sloping from shoulder to shoulder in a soft U-shape, adaptability is this profile’s middle name. It can glide just above the bustline or dip just below the collarbone and is lovely on almost any body. We should mention that the scoop, like a V-neck, is a splendid non-strapless option.

neckline- scoop, maryland, bridal gowns, love couture bridal, Lazaro bridal, Lazaro style 3808
scoop neckline, Pronovias - 3808

One Shoulder/Asymmetrical

Modern and chic, the asymmetrical neckline showcases one shoulder while the other remains under wraps. The single sleeve can be long, short or anywhere in between. Just about anyone can wear an asymmetrical gown, though some fuller busted ladies find it imbalances their shape.

neckline 1 shoulder, asymmetrical bridal gown, wedding dresses, maryland, Pronovias Fiona
one shoulder neckline, Pronovias - Fiona

Jewel Neckline:

Closely circling the neck while providing total coverage to the rest of the upper body, this style is also known as the “T-shirt.” Ideal for smaller busted women, like the Sabrina, this neckline has a tendency to make the bust look fuller.

Emily by Enzoani, jewel neckline, maryland, washington DC, bridal gowns
jewel neckline, Enzoani - Emily

Crumb Catcher

Though not technically a neckline, this little number deserves a category all its own. It's a decorative insert of fabric pleated, draped or ruffled along the bust that adds panache. Because the crumb catcher increases volume, it’s at its best on women with medium to smaller busts.

neckline- crumb catcher, maryland, bridal gowns, Kenneth Poole, Lovely
crumb catcher, Kenneth Pool - Lovely

Spaghetti Straps

These little straps named after pasta are exactly what they say they are. Delicately providing a little support and peace of mind, spaghetti straps harmonize wonderfully with just about any figure.

neckline- spaghetti straps, bridal gowns, washington dc, Jenny Yoo, Jenny Yoo Dana
Spaghetti strap neckline, Jenny Yoo - Dana

If you'd like more help finding the right gown for your unique shape, call 301-610-5683 to book your one-on-one consultation!

Love, Sandy

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bridal Gown Necklines - Part I

Though it may seem inconsequential compared to other details like really fabulous French lace, a wedding gown’s neckline is pivotal when it comes to flattering.

A neckline frames the face, highlights the neck, shoulders and bust and provides structure for the gown. Add to the mix that most pictures taken on your wedding day are form the waist up, and you see what we mean.

The trouble is there are several to choose from. But don’t fret! Love Couture’s Bridal Gown Neckline CliffsNotes are here to help. Be sure to check back next week for more necklines explained.


Shaped in varying degrees like the top of a heart, a Sweetheart accentuates the d├ęcolletage. Especially fantastic for fuller busted women, it softens the line across the chest, which reduces the “shelf” effect and lengthens the neck. Plunging sweetheart necklines are often draped with a sheer material like organza, creating an alluring illusion neckline. In addition to being enchanting and sophisticated, this elongates the torso and further highlights a girl’s assets.

neckline-sweatheart, bridal gown, washington DC wedding dresses, Kenneth Pool Flirtation
sweetheart neckline, Kenneth Pool - Flirtation

Off the Shoulder:

Framing the face and collarbones, an Off the Shoulder neckline dips below the collarbone and extends to either side just at the shoulders. Flattering to almost everyone, this style is marvelous for ladies who want a little arm coverage.

Matthew Christopher Elodie, off the shoulder, bridal gowns, washington DC wedding dresses
off the shoulder neckline, Matthew Christopher - Elodie


Sister to Off the Shoulder, the Portrait leaves shoulders completely bare, in a graceful upper arm to upper arm scoop. Tricky for ladies with a broader frame, this neckline is lovely on most. Just make sure you have enough range of motion to dance cheek-to-cheek comfortably!

Blue by Enzoani - Davenport,off the shoulder neckline, bridal gowns, washington DC
portrait neckline, Blue by Enzoani - Davenport


This neckline, made famous by Marilyn Monroe, is characterized by a strap that closes at the nape of the neck and leaves the back open. Usually featuring a plunging neckline, halters are also seen with a front panel similar to a straight across strapless. Most becoming on women with broad shoulders, a halter can also add height and length by drawing the eye upward.

neckline halter, Stephen Yearick style 13142, bridal gowns, washington DC
halter neckline, Stephen Yearick - 13143


Named after the French word for boat, a Bateau curves gently just below the collarbone. Also nicknamed after a dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Sabrina, this classic style provides a varied range of coverage. In its classic form, the Bateau is ideal on small busted and framed women.

neckline- bateau, bridal gowns, washington DC, Maryland, Reem Acra, Sabrina neckline, Love Couture Bridal
sabrina neckline, Reem Acra


An excellent Halter alternative, this timeless neckline ranges from a deep, Jennifer Lopez-in-her-green-Versace V to a subtler, criss-cross that just hints at d├ęcolletage. Delightful on women with medium to full busts and average or tall frames, depending on the straps, this silhouette can sometimes overwhelm petite brides.

neckline- v-neck, bridal gowns, maryland,Matthew Christopher Gatsby
v-neckline, Matthew Christopher - Gatsby

If you can't wait for next week's Bridal Gown Neckline CliffsNotes Part II to help you find the right wedding dress, call 301-610-5683 to book your one-on-one consultation!

Love, Sandy

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reem Acra at Love Couture

Reem Acra’s legendary, glamorous style will soon be at Love Couture! We’re beyond excited about offering Washington DC area brides her sumptuous wedding collection.

Reem Acra,red carpet, Washington DC bridal shop

Remember Olivia Wilde’s stunner at the Emmys and Eva Longoria stopping hearts at the Golden Globes? We don’t know about you, but at the Academy Awards last year, Nicole Richie rendered us speechless. And who could forget Dianne Argonn at in silver at Golden Globes?

All those women have one thing in common (other than memberships to the Screen Actors Guild) – Reem Acra.

Reem Acra, red carpet, wedding collection, Maryland bridal boutique

Clockwise from upper left: Ali Larter, Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde, Christina Applegate, Mo'nique (images source)

That same, dazzling design and couture craftsmanship that has bewitched us on the red carpet for years will now grace Love Couture’s racks. If timeless glamour and elegantly executed dramatic details make you weak in the knees, Reem Acra is the answer to your wedding-dress dreams!

Our new Reem gowns will be arriving soon, so call 301-610-5683 to book your appointment, and check back here on our blog for updates.

Love, Sandy

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pronovias 2010 Bridal Gowns at Love Couture

Pronovias’s new 2012 gowns have arrived at Love Couture Bridal! We’re big fans of Pronovias’s sumptuous, timeless aesthetic, but their 2012 collection is particularly filled with marvelous wedding dresses.

Pamela and Pampa’s decadent ruffles and delicate lace are made for swirling on the dance floor, and the aptly named asymmetrical Paris gown is so chic she could go from red carpet to aisle with ease.

Pronovias 2012 collection, Love Couture Bridal, Pronovias Pamela, Pronovias Paris, Pronovias Pampa
Pronovias Pamela, Pampa and Paris

If we had to use one word to describe our new Pronovias Puebla gown, it would be romantic. Her lovely hem detail, sweet ruffled jewel neckline and sleek shape would be amazing for a whimsical, modern wedding.

Pronovias Puebla, Pronovias 2012 collection, maryland bridal boutique
Pronovias Puebla

Porto has dramatic entrance (and exit) written all over her. This gown’s rich, draped fabric, bejeweled halter neckline and vavavavoom shape smolders with the same elegance as Salma Hayek.

Pronovias Porto, Pronovias 2010 collection, washington DC wedding dresses
Pronovias Porto

Pretty fabulous, right? And these are just a few of the 2012 Pronovias gowns at Love Couture Bridal. To see the rest, call 301-610-5683.

Love, Sandy