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Bridal Gown Necklines - Part I

Though it may seem inconsequential compared to other details like really fabulous French lace, a wedding gown’s neckline is pivotal when it comes to flattering.

A neckline frames the face, highlights the neck, shoulders and bust and provides structure for the gown. Add to the mix that most pictures taken on your wedding day are form the waist up, and you see what we mean.

The trouble is there are several to choose from. But don’t fret! Love Couture’s Bridal Gown Neckline CliffsNotes are here to help. Be sure to check back next week for more necklines explained.


Shaped in varying degrees like the top of a heart, a Sweetheart accentuates the décolletage. Especially fantastic for fuller busted women, it softens the line across the chest, which reduces the “shelf” effect and lengthens the neck. Plunging sweetheart necklines are often draped with a sheer material like organza, creating an alluring illusion neckline. In addition to being enchanting and sophisticated, this elongates the torso and further highlights a girl’s assets.

neckline-sweatheart, bridal gown, washington DC wedding dresses, Kenneth Pool Flirtation
sweetheart neckline, Kenneth Pool - Flirtation

Off the Shoulder:

Framing the face and collarbones, an Off the Shoulder neckline dips below the collarbone and extends to either side just at the shoulders. Flattering to almost everyone, this style is marvelous for ladies who want a little arm coverage.

Matthew Christopher Elodie, off the shoulder, bridal gowns, washington DC wedding dresses
off the shoulder neckline, Matthew Christopher - Elodie


Sister to Off the Shoulder, the Portrait leaves shoulders completely bare, in a graceful upper arm to upper arm scoop. Tricky for ladies with a broader frame, this neckline is lovely on most. Just make sure you have enough range of motion to dance cheek-to-cheek comfortably!

Blue by Enzoani - Davenport,off the shoulder neckline, bridal gowns, washington DC
portrait neckline, Blue by Enzoani - Davenport


This neckline, made famous by Marilyn Monroe, is characterized by a strap that closes at the nape of the neck and leaves the back open. Usually featuring a plunging neckline, halters are also seen with a front panel similar to a straight across strapless. Most becoming on women with broad shoulders, a halter can also add height and length by drawing the eye upward.

neckline halter, Stephen Yearick style 13142, bridal gowns, washington DC
halter neckline, Stephen Yearick - 13143


Named after the French word for boat, a Bateau curves gently just below the collarbone. Also nicknamed after a dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Sabrina, this classic style provides a varied range of coverage. In its classic form, the Bateau is ideal on small busted and framed women.

neckline- bateau, bridal gowns, washington DC, Maryland, Reem Acra, Sabrina neckline, Love Couture Bridal
sabrina neckline, Reem Acra


An excellent Halter alternative, this timeless neckline ranges from a deep, Jennifer Lopez-in-her-green-Versace V to a subtler, criss-cross that just hints at décolletage. Delightful on women with medium to full busts and average or tall frames, depending on the straps, this silhouette can sometimes overwhelm petite brides.

neckline- v-neck, bridal gowns, maryland,Matthew Christopher Gatsby
v-neckline, Matthew Christopher - Gatsby

If you can't wait for next week's Bridal Gown Neckline CliffsNotes Part II to help you find the right wedding dress, call 301-610-5683 to book your one-on-one consultation!

Love, Sandy

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