Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bridal Gown Necklines - Part II

To help Love Couture brides choose the neckline that suits them best, we've created Bridal Gown Neckline CliffsNotes. In Part I, we shed some light on sweetheart, portrait, off the shoulder, bateau/sabrina, and halter necklines.

Below we're profiling a few more popular styles, but keep in mind, any given gown can have more than one neckline. Some are strapless and sweetheart, others portrait and scoop. Similar to a hot fudge sundae, certain flavors are decadent together! Just make sure the separate ingredients are palatable to what's best for you.


Just as the name implies, this ever popular style is sans straps. Fantastic on a diverse assortment of body types, it’s at its most fetching when paired with a sweetheart or gentle scoop.

Lusan Mandongus - Strapless, washington dc, bridal gowns,love couture bridal
strapless neckline, Lusan Mandongus


Sloping from shoulder to shoulder in a soft U-shape, adaptability is this profile’s middle name. It can glide just above the bustline or dip just below the collarbone and is lovely on almost any body. We should mention that the scoop, like a V-neck, is a splendid non-strapless option.

neckline- scoop, maryland, bridal gowns, love couture bridal, Lazaro bridal, Lazaro style 3808
scoop neckline, Pronovias - 3808

One Shoulder/Asymmetrical

Modern and chic, the asymmetrical neckline showcases one shoulder while the other remains under wraps. The single sleeve can be long, short or anywhere in between. Just about anyone can wear an asymmetrical gown, though some fuller busted ladies find it imbalances their shape.

neckline 1 shoulder, asymmetrical bridal gown, wedding dresses, maryland, Pronovias Fiona
one shoulder neckline, Pronovias - Fiona

Jewel Neckline:

Closely circling the neck while providing total coverage to the rest of the upper body, this style is also known as the “T-shirt.” Ideal for smaller busted women, like the Sabrina, this neckline has a tendency to make the bust look fuller.

Emily by Enzoani, jewel neckline, maryland, washington DC, bridal gowns
jewel neckline, Enzoani - Emily

Crumb Catcher

Though not technically a neckline, this little number deserves a category all its own. It's a decorative insert of fabric pleated, draped or ruffled along the bust that adds panache. Because the crumb catcher increases volume, it’s at its best on women with medium to smaller busts.

neckline- crumb catcher, maryland, bridal gowns, Kenneth Poole, Lovely
crumb catcher, Kenneth Pool - Lovely

Spaghetti Straps

These little straps named after pasta are exactly what they say they are. Delicately providing a little support and peace of mind, spaghetti straps harmonize wonderfully with just about any figure.

neckline- spaghetti straps, bridal gowns, washington dc, Jenny Yoo, Jenny Yoo Dana
Spaghetti strap neckline, Jenny Yoo - Dana

If you'd like more help finding the right gown for your unique shape, call 301-610-5683 to book your one-on-one consultation!

Love, Sandy

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