Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cage Veils

Seen on vintage-inspired and modern Love Couture brides alike, our current obsession with cage veils is actually nothing new. Made popular in the 1940s by starlets and fashionable ladies, these dramatic, dainty pieces have been spotted over the years on runways and in the glossy pages of couture fashion magazines.

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glam french net cage veil

Happily, couples planning their weddings today are all about personality, using what moves them as a muse. So, ladies have been taking their cues from fashion, both old and new…which brought back the divinely chic cage veil!

Depending on the accessories, bridal gown and styling it’s paired with, a cage veil can add an air of mystique and a dash of Hollywood glam to almost any wedding day look.

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cage veil and flower bridal fascinator by Haute Bride

Most commonly, the cage veil is worn (somewhat saucily) off to the left side of the crown of the head. Depending on its length, the net can then sweep over both eyes, cover one, or simply skim the eyebrows. However, ladies who want things a bit more classic often pin it at the back of the head right above their updo.

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french net veil and feather bridal fascinator by Malis Henderson

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Love, Sandy

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