Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lusan Mandogus at Love Couture

We’re delighted to announce that Lusan Mandogus is coming to Love Couture!

Lusan’s bridal collection is so special that her Hong Kong design house has become an international name known for its unique, timeless, couture gowns.

Lusan Mandogus bridal gowns, Love Couture

As her exclusive Washington, DC retailer, Love Couture will have Lusan Mandogus’s chic, romantic and modern collection all to ourselves. Which is a good thing since we can’t get enough of its enchanting, imaginative quality. So, girls, if you have an appreciation for fashion and a flair for the dramatic, get ready to be wowed!

Lusan Mandogus bridal gowns, Potomac, MD, couture

Lusan Mandogus bridal gowns, Love Couture

Our Lusan Mandogus gowns will soon be arriving! Call 301-610-5683 to schedule your appointment.

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